1Y0-401認定試験、1Y0-401受験対策、1Y0-401試験トレーニング資料、1Y0-401試験の認証資格、 1Y0-401問題集

13 Nov

TestpassportのCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401試験中に絶対な方法で転送することでなく、真実かつ全面的な試験問題と解答を提供します。
Citrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401認定試験に便利なサービスを提供するサイトで、従来の試験によって、認定試験を予測してもっとも真実に近い問題集を研究し続けます。
弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401問題集はあなたの成功への礎になれることだけでなく、IT業種でもっと有効な能力を発揮することも助けられます。
弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401試験問題集はあなたが身に付けるべき技能をすべて含んでいます。
Citrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401試験の認証資格を取るのは昇進したい人々の一番良く、最も効果的な選択です。
弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401試験トレーニング資料を利用したら、あなたが気楽に試験に合格することができるようになります。


本試験はExam 1Y0-400 Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions(設計試験) の後継試験としてリリースされました。
言語:日本語, 英語

24,000円 (税別)


弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401受験対策は検定合格の依頼だけでなく、指導のことも最高です。
弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401試験問題集を持っていたら、どうやって効率的に試験の準備をすべきなのかをよく知るようになります。
当社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401参考書を使用すると、あなたは試験中の心理的な緊張を解消し、貴重な時間を節約するために、高速かつ効率的にサービスを提供するために全力を行っている達することができるようにします。

Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions (Exam 1Y0-401) 試験は以下のセクションから構成されています。

Assessing the Current Environment
Planning and Risk Assessment
Analyzing the Current Environment
Designing an Integrated Virtualization Solution
Designing and Documenting the Infrastructure
Designing and Documenting the Security Infrastructure

弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401問題集は試験のために特別に研究されたもので、受験生からの良い評価をたくさんもらいました。
弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401学習材料は短い時間で試験に十分に準備させ、そして楽に試験に合格させます。
弊社のCitrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401問題集は試験のために特別に研究されたもので、受験生からの良い評価をたくさんもらいました。
Citrix CCE-AD 1Y0-401無料サンプルをご参照ください

1.Which component of the CGE environment should be updated before implementing a XenDesktop virtual desktop solution in the Houston datacenter?
A. Server infrastructure
B. Network connectivity
C. Storage infrastructure
D. Power and cooling infrastructure
Answer: D

2.A Citrix Architect decides that pooled desktops is the appropriate delivery model for CGE’s Engineers end-user group. Which two reasons explain the architect’s delivery model decision? (Choose two.)
A. The CAD application is updated frequently.
B. It allows engineers to install their own applications.
C. It isolates CPU and memory resources to single instances.
D. The instability of the CAD application impacts several end users.
Answer: C,D

3.Which tool should a Citrix Architect use to document CGE’s existing printer models?
A. Print Migrator
B. Stress Printer
C. Print Detective
D. Print Management
Answer: C

4.Scenario: A Citrix Architect recommends upgrading CGE’s Provisioning Services 6.1 environment to Provisioning Services 7.6. Currently, vDisks in Provisioning Services 6.1 are configured with the write cache location on the target device hard drive. Which two applications will show increased application performance due to the upgrade to Provisioning Services 7.6? (Choose two.)
B. Salesforce
C. OpenGL (CAD)
D. Proprietary Energy App
Answer: C,D

5.Which risk could lead to a lengthy farm outage in the event of a corrupt SQL data store?
A. SQL server backups are encrypted
B. An untested SQL backup and restoration process
C. SQL servers that are NOT running on the same service packs
D. The use of SQL Mirroring instead of SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups
Answer: B

6.Which option requires the fewest components to implement a fault-tolerant, load-balanced solution for end-user access at each datacenter?
A. Two StoreFront servers in a single StoreFront server group.
B. Two NetScalers in a high availability pair, with load balancing pointing to a single StoreFront server.
C. Three NetScalers in a cluster, with load balancing pointing to two StoreFront servers belonging to the same StoreFront server group.
D. Two NetScalers in a high availability pair, with load balancing pointing to two StoreFront servers belonging to the same StoreFront server group.
Answer: B

7.Which reason explains why a Citrix Architect would identify the SQL environment as a cause of potential issues in CGE’s current deployment?
A. Use of SQL authentication
B. Lack of backup and restoration procedures
C. Lack of identical servers in different datacenters
D. Network bandwidth between congested datacenters
Answer: B

8.Which two current licensing issues should a Citrix Architect resolve in CGE’s new virtualization design? (Choose two.)
A. There are more RDS CALs than Citrix licenses.
B. The Citrix and RDS licenses share the same server.
C. There are many different license servers in the environment.
D. There is a mixture of Enterprise, Platinum, and Advanced Citrix licenses in use.
Answer: C,D

9.Which end-user group does a Citrix Architect need to consider when designing a remote access solution for CGE?
A. Sales
B. Back Office
C. Technicians
D. Executives/Management
Answer: C

10.After careful review of the end users and applications in CGE’s environment, a Citrix Architect has chosen several different FlexCast models for application and desktop delivery. What are two reasons why the architect would recommend ‘VDI: pooled with PvD’ as an appropriate delivery model for the Desktop – Research application? (Choose two.)
A. It allows the end users to install custom software.
B. It gives the end users full rights over the system drive.
C. It requires less storage space than dedicated desktops.
D. It allows for high availability in a disaster recovery scenario.
Answer: A,C